Just Another Dream

by Areeba   Jul 6, 2012

A world exactly according to me
Just like I have ever wanted
Nothing named as boundations
I can do anything without giving someone a clarification

Free like a bird I'm feeling here
I thought I am going to find ht nowhere
But its right here in front of me
I wonder why it took so long to appear

I am free to go to places I always desired
I am no longer bounded
It feels so good coming out of the chains
This is lovely, freedom I just acquired

I love the way my world is now
I am on my own
No one is at my back
I am happy to be alone

I now have a smile on my face, the real one not fake
I thought I am never going to be released
But here I am out of bars
It seems like a prison break

Now I will be extremely vivacious
Earlier freedom was just a seven letter word for me
But now I have definition too
I love it this world is so spacious

I was just experiencing the free fresh air
When I heard this voice
It was my alarm clock ringing at my head
I just woke up from my sleep and I am nowhere but in my bed

And then I realized
It was nothing but just another dream
It is still with me, the pain
Nothing has changed I am still in the chains


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Khalid

    Stellar my friend! I really enjoyed reading.
    Just I have some points if you wish to take into account
    (i) Line 4 you said 'I can do anything without'. Well I suggest either you should say 'can't do anything' or 'can do something'.
    (ii) You said 'to find ht nowhere'. What do you mean by 'ht'.
    (iii) 'seven letter' should be 'seven-letter'.
    Anyway, this is my opinion for you and you can do your own but just trying to help.
    Thank you.

  • 8 years ago

    by Jawwad Zafar

    Excellent work..
    Another masterpiece :)