by Areeba   Sep 12, 2012

These voices keep knocking me
Side by side, left to right
Trying to tell me something
Are they worth listening to?

They hit me when the seas are blue
When the treer are green
I feel them warm around me
And I know they are something no one else can feel

I wonder what they are trying to say
They are with me each and every day
Sometimes at night they do haunt me
They cross my ears with a scary sound

There is not a minute
They leave me alone for
Are they trying to warn me?
Warn me about something from future

Are they here to tell me to beware
Beware about something that has not happened yet
Something that will bring destruction
Something that will put an end to everything

Or is it just my mind fooling around with me?
There is nothing I can actually say
All I can do is hope
Hope that everything will be okay


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Yrem Crish

    This is an astonishing piece. Good written:))

  • 8 years ago

    by La Reina De Corazones

    Very good the poem i loved the emotions the suspense and just frankly the fact that it was nice and dark good job 5/5