Arrows Swoop Down And Stab My Heart

by CathyButterflyJC   Dec 31, 2012

Arrows Swoop Down
And Stab My Heart

All the assurance begins to depart
Arrows swoop down and go through my heart

She walks along side him down the hall
He talks like she's it all
Does he know I'm breaking down my wall

I never meant to open my heart
Let another in
I have been so afraid
But I let you pass and come in

The smile on his face is taking up his whole face
The pain of feeling replaced is a horridous embrace

I whisper "I've never seen him smile so wide"
I wonder if he'll turn and if I'll have to hide
Or if he'll back up and be at my empty side

Say hi
And let her go by
I know I'm selfish because I want you for myself
I wish I was more considerate

Is she up there in his world
Above me and is she "good"

In his eyes he looks at gold
I feel a rage of cold
I shouldn't have let him in now I'm sold

The words I meant to say
I can no longer speak
The you I seek
Had been pulled to her

I wish that was me
Standing beside him I should be

When he yearns for a hand to hold
And his daydreams
Will he be longing for the heart I told

Will he choice her
When he's ready for a girl
Will he choice another
When he's ready for me

I can't reach out to you
You walk farther then my fingers stretch to

Maybe I'll never know what to do
What I he becomes ready when I'm out of thee picture
When will I know when he's really sure

I know you'll say she's just a friend
Nothing has begun and nothing will end
My spot beside you I have no reason to defend
Because I too am only a friend

The dreams [I dearly behold] and words I could spell would make you melt
But fore if you only knew how I felt

Otherwise you'll say why should I care
It's not like a speck of love we share
We're not together so why should I dare

But inside this heart is quickly beating
The breath I breathe stands walks forward needing
This film I watch is why my eyes are tearing
Why my heart is bleeding

The dear words that you process
Of an innocent soul that in my heart made a nest

Your laughter is not puzzling
It's my ears that are tearing ripping screaming
The presence of you two I am wearing

When you came out of the classroom
I raised my hand about to call your name
But I dropped it like a broken broom
When I saw someone else with you this begun filling me with doom

When he's ready for the warmth of a lover's arm
Will he forget about me thinking there's no harm

My heart is sold
I tirerously bleed
I hope he never knows this cruel cold

Your laughter buckles me down
Calling out to you I feel like such a clown
My heart is in your hands
Pain shoots me down to the ground as you stand

Tears fill my eyes
Wetness daps my lashes

The pain eats away at me
And from the inside out I stumble
Your backs to me so you cannot see

And so this is how we are
I cherish your inventions from afar
As others wouldn't prefer you over a brand new car
I hope you'll know what I want to say someday after

Because to me you are gold
You are the best blanket when things turn cold

You are the sun when all else forgets to shine
The hand I wish was holding mine
The only one with whom understanding me will do fine

I hold up all these goals to you
But you look passed like they're see through
And if I was brave enough I speak all I want to say to you
Then you would know my heart inside and out and neither would be afraid of not knowing what to do


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by L

    I am impressed by the emotion in this piece as well as the rhymes incorporated. Really well done!!

    It must have been felt so good to write this poem, it's contains a sad part but also shows the interest the character has for this someone.

  • 7 years ago

    by DeviousCharmer

    DANG this is really good. I LOVE how you express the heart you have in your hurt because the guy doesn't like you the way you like him.

  • 7 years ago

    by Mohan

    This is very deep and emotional
    well written 5/5..

  • 7 years ago

    by Mohan

    This is very deep and emotional
    well written 5/5..