Let me.

by Blissful   Jul 27, 2013

Ever fall in love on leftover fragments?

The presence visible
but when you reach out
thirsting for contact
your fingers only kiss

my heart has been tackled
by waterproof glue

doubt it'll stay
for my love
bursts through

my eyes could write a story
of a naive love
that never blossomed

but that story has already
been written

therefore my eyes
are low on ink

so I will shout it
from the rooftop
not caring about who hears
for a love like this

well it is a shame to waste
and should be translated
into a kiss


Done for a challenge.


leftover fragments
waterproof glue
low on ink


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Courageous Dreamer

    You've always excelled so much at love poems, I want to nominate this so badly.. I just loveeed it.

    You couldn't have opened the poem up any better, makes me think of falling in love all too quickly, kind of like a rebound without thought. Kind of a desperate though almost, you'd do anything to just have that feeling again. I know you personally aren't like this but made me think how much you've went through and how smart you've always been when it comes to love even if you do maybe yearn it sometimes. We all have that naïve stage, but eventually you grow out of it & I must say you've grown a lot from when I first met you. Loved this lots!

  • 8 years ago

    by ForeverSpring

    I love your poem, such amaziness .

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