True Addiction

by Love Fallacy   Sep 27, 2013

I wake up to the bright morning
light piercing through my
crooked window shades.
The smell in this half lit room
is of a stale must. As my heavy
eyelids flutter open, I rollover
towards the nightstand.

I'm starting to tremble while I
grab for that bent and pitted spoon.
An imperfect, but perfect gateway
to my sanity. The set up is a ritual
that must never be interrupted.

Mix it
Boil it
Suck it
Shoot it

Flying above this lifeless tomb
that I'm confined in daily,
I can't help but laugh.
I've been given life, but only
want to escape it to find
a better existence.

The wind is swirling around me
as if I was the eye of the storm.
It's dark now and I'm falling,
screaming, pleading for
it all to stop. I hit the ground and
wake back up to that same stale must.
Shaking from the pain, I quickly
look for my best friend.

The bright light that blinded me
earlier is a mere distraction
while I'm searching.
Finally with sweat dripping across
the pores on my face, I've found him.

Mix it
Boil it
Suck it
Shoot it


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  • 7 years ago

    by Redangelwings

    The details here are so well done. This is very sad poem as I feel like people can relate sadly. I am a faller of addiction and it really is like this everyday. It's a vicious circle of darkness and no light. It's in your head everyday and it's sad really sad as people don't or can't find the power. You have done such a great job though. I like the line I look for my friend. Addiction when you have fallen this far is your friend. The friend of loneliness also creeps in as you start to lose everyone around you. This is so strong but so very well written.