The Return Home

by ChrisT   Apr 12, 2014

The seas bring a cool breeze
Pushing me closer to the shore.
A loving thought puts me at ease,
As it has many times afore,
With a love not many before have found.
She waits for me and only me--
With this feeling, this, that be so profound,
This, a love far greater than we.

With haste, I pass the people crowded path
And run through ruins, so green,
So overgrown -- with nature's wrath.
To a home, so distant it did seem--
A dream, one so far from me.

After the iron hinges squeal--
My heart sank to what my eyes did see,
An emptiness, like a nightmare, but real.
Absent of life, of love, where it used to be.
The horror, such gore, I came upon--
A scene that brought me to my knees.
The life in my love's eyes has gone,
And her ears are deaf to my pleas.


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