What's the Matter?

by ChrisT   Sep 2, 2014

Take it as it were.
You've always said good-bye.
Each time I would prefer-
To give it one last try.

Though the years
Count like marks on the wall
Carved with all my tears
And I hear, "it doesn't matter at all."
I took it as it was.
You've always said good-bye.
While each time I prefer-
To give us another try.

I step the way you want.
Jump when you say.
Beg when you taunt,
And it feels like another day.
Then I take it, as it were.
You've only said good-bye.
Again I would prefer-
To give this another try.

However, as I write to you.
I apologize with every inch of me,
I could never please you-
The way you wanted it to be.
I'm taking it, as it would seem,
Knowing you only say good-bye.
That our love is my dream,
No matter how hard I try.


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