Today I am frail

by ChrisT   Sep 2, 2014

My dearest kin-
To my closest friends.
There are things I never said-
The numerous imagined ends.
Though, time and time
I would act on those thoughts,
But with no avail.
Today is new, yet I am frail.

You all have meant so much to me,
And I'm sorry for this news.
I just couldn't be who I should be
Besides dangling from a noose.
Though, time and time,
I have attempted these thoughts,
But with avail.
Today is new, and I am so frail.

Don't mourn me now
I'm more selfish than sane
I just didn't know how
To ever be the same.
Time to time, was sometime ago,
I acted on this thought,
To turn only pale-
On this new day, a day so frail.


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