I'm sorry.

by ChrisT   Sep 2, 2014

Little feet
Stomping all around
Cuddle and take a seat
Because you, my true love is found.
I'd give it all to see you grow.
I gave it all like this.
For things you didn't know
And I write to you, "I'm sorry."

I would love to see-
Your first love
I would die to be-
The father I never was.
Please know, I gave it all-
To see you grow,
But things you didn't know
Make me write, "I'm sorry."

There's nothing you could have done.
I'm sorry for all that I did.
My daughters and my son,
I've finally lost my last bid.
Remember though, I gave it all-
I wish I could have seen you grow,
But these things you'll never know...
A father like me can only say, "I'm sorry."


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