Freedom at Last

by Jump from Life   Jun 11, 2015

I lay here
staring at these walls,
these photographs of
stories told past and present.

Of loves gone bad, and
children vanquished.
Of births celebrated
and deaths mourned.

But really,
who knows the truth?
The truth behind
each brushstroke
or thought.
Or deed.

It's the dead.

We carry these weights
walking around on our
and lips.

But never do we utter
a single word of them.
Thinking its a sin
to simply spill the truth
out into the world's
condescending light.

But really,
the world is
nothing but worthless

Each story unfolds
quick or slow,
we all utter the words
that flow off our tongues.

The words that are
printed on a page,
or drawn in a picture,
or saved in a song.

They're all lies.

We forge our smiles.

We forget the laws that bind us.

We pass up opportunities to smile.

And we do this all by lying.

We lie to our families,
our friends,
our coworkers,
and even to ourselves.

We tell ourselves that we're okay.
That'll we'll get through things
even if its tough right now.

But do we truly ever do?

We live our lives,
shrouded in lies.

Aren't you all tired of it?

The incessant need
to protect ourselves
and turn away true


Free your mind, and heart, and soul.
Let your wings soar high.
Feel what its like to be



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