The ride

by Brenda   Mar 20, 2016

I wasn't planning
on dying today,
but the big-ass truck
running a red
apparently had other ideas...
big truck, small jeep,
not a good combination...
sorry Fiat, just saying...
so back to my dying
heading to work
mind on how much crap
I'm backlogged on,
laughing to what my
morning DJ's are talking about,
then BAM!!!
What the hell just happened?
Why is my leg way over there?
Crap, I'm going to be so
late to work
this is not the way
to start a morning...
So many people
milling around,
so many voices,
sirens in the distance,
who's blood is that?
I want to go home,
I want my husband,
this is not happening!
I've got way too much life
yet to live
I've got kids growing up,
grandbabies to rock
and love on.
So many things
in this great big world
to share with my hunny-bunny,
we were supposed
to be together FOREVER!!!
That's what I like
to tell him
with a crazy look
in my eyes...
It's our joke,
one of many
between us
I have never laughed
so much
and been so happy
as I have with him...
He's made every bad choice
I have made in my past
God, I am going to miss him...
Sorry honey,
I totally should have written
all those pesky
passwords down...
This doesn't hurt much,
I don't feel
the life draining
from this middle-aged body,
tad mortified
that too much
of my body's exposed...
Too many grim faces about,
no one cracking jokes,
even death brings
a joke or two out...
still stressing out
over the fact
someones going to have
to go through mountains
of my STUFF!
Sorry family
Didn't want to have to make
you do all that...
Been a pack rat for way
too long,
always meaning
to clear it out
but in the end
just couldn't bring
myself to toss
one of the kids pieces of art...
Sad, so sad,
realizing I'm never going
home again
just asking you
for more time,
I'm not ready to go,
I'm not ready
to die today....


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Hello Brenda, I hope you are well.

    This is a phenomenally original write, not least because of the way you deal with the content.
    I understand that this is not an amusing topic (only you can say whether you wrote it with any humour intended) but the way you go about recounting what is happening unfortunately left a smile on my face! It is so blunt, to the point and matter-of-fact. It's almost like, okay, this is happening, it's not what I wanted but ho-hum! lol
    But as I was reading, I was struck by the honesty you display in so much of your work; it is truly refreshing.
    What I took from this mostly though are the little details: the little things that in those kind of moments you may (unexpectedly) find yourself worrying about - your body being exposed, your family having to clear your belongings and the art you couldn't bring yourself to throw from the kids (I can relate to that one - and they're still young!)

    This is a refreshing and blunt piece of poetry that I enjoyed immensely - you have made a very dark subject easier to read with a sprinkling of very black humour!

    All the very best

    • 6 years ago

      by Brenda

      Ben, Thank you so much! I did write this with a bit of humor and sadness too. I was writing and crying too because I was thinking about my family and never getting to see them again. After experiencing loss at an early age I guess my coping mechanism is a bit of dark humor. I also wrote it a bit tongue in cheek, part of me knew I was dying and the other part was worrying about my backlogged work. I'm so glad you enjoyed it-I got a lot out of writing this. Take care-Brenda

  • 6 years ago

    by Brenda

    Thank-you! It's one of those things that just came to me on my way to work one day. I got to work and just started writing.

  • 6 years ago

    by Em

    Wow, that's deep

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