Marshmallows and noodles

by Allan Marisamhuka jr   Mar 24, 2017

The lovely kids comforted me and never promised to pour rains on my key's day.
The kindness with calmness hinders sometimes.
The act was plain ,that l saw it coming.
There was no way for me to set out the fire,since l was still cooking.
The seasons spoke for me that all was going to be well.
Then l couldn't take hid in total silence.
I tried,surely I tried and all was wasted efforts.
Since the breeze of the country was no more,
The bubbles with the spirit gave me boost.
They took me no way but to a mere finish line.
Would this karma say we won the race now?
Just a thing of the past left behind.
Who would have the zeal to remember those lies now?
Just call them memories then.
We was riding so fast,February fourth jumped us out the emergency exit.
Yet this is another crush landing.
I've grown neither to cry nor say why.
I'd blame not August sixteenth for not signalling a may day.


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