A memory sweet as death

by Jump from Life   Aug 6, 2017

It started years ago.
The pain, the voices, the taunts and teases.
Then came you.

You made everything seem amazing
at least for the first little while.
But then your hands got a little too friendly,
your words a little too hurtful.

After, the voices got a little bit louder
till they were screaming in my head.
Screaming how I should be dead.
So from that moment, I bled red.

Dragging the knife across my skin
allowed me to silence the voices for a while.
But somehow, when the voices in my head stopped,
the voices started screaming at me from outside

They started screaming how I was
attention seeking, that I should die and yet
somehow it just made the voices inside
scream louder then before.

However, this was years ago.
These are painful memories dancing
around through my brain as I slowly
drift off into nothingness.

Now I am free.
Now I am clean.
Now I no longer desire the blade
to dance across my skin,
or for my feet to slip off the edge.

Now I am whole.


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