Puzzled Thoughts

by Paul Hirst   Nov 14, 2017

Her thoughts linger on her first kiss
she remembers the boys face so clearly
has his name nearly

Then dark clouds fill her head
dowsing the light from the memory
a candle snubbed out darkness instead

Candy floss thoughts out of reach
her minds eye unfocused as if looking at images almost seen through a dirty window
stained and uncleaned

Instantly clouds part again and a Summer sun illuminates the gloom of her minds room and she sees sandy beaches and the Ocean and a black dog named Benji and feels a gentle breeze on her face soft as Nottingham lace a long forgotten holiday remembered

But all to quickly the Sun hides its face and darkness takes his place as she tries so hard to hold on to the thought but the image has as many pieces as if from a shattered mirror

Saliva escapes and trickles down her wrinkled face onto her chin and is lovingly wiped away the third time that day but she never notices

Strange voices and faces surround her and she's afraid where is her Daddy
will he pick her up from school today or should she run away

Then he's there smiling down at her his handsome face beaming and his hand takes hers in his and she's safe and happy again
no fear no pain

In a blink she sees her daughters face across from her and wonders why she has tears in her eyes "Hello Dear " she says

Her Daughter smiles back "Hi Mom"


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