Missing Pieces

by darknessandshadows   Feb 18, 2018

My heart lays as a puzzle, pieces scattered all around.
Most are there, but others seem impossible to be found.
My heart lays as pieces of my loved ones and memories,
some close together others are to far away. My heart has missing pieces.
Will I ever find the missing pieces to fit in the perfect spot?
Will these missing pieces of my heart ever fit the creases made just for them?
The missing pieces of the puzzle to my heart, are of my lover, children,
and old memories that seem to be falling apart.

How many times will I search the thousands of pieces laying in front of me,
just for those certain ones? Once, twice, or will the hundredth time be enough.
As I sit here and try to put together the puzzle of my empty broken heart,
I start to think its a waste of time to try and put together this puzzle of my heart.
There is thousands of spots with not enough to put in each one.

My puzzled heart is still incomplete. I have tried piecing my heart back together,
but it is impossible without those most important ones. I stop putting piece by piece
together and hold my tears as I retreat.


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