Trapped Inside

by darknessandshadows   Nov 13, 2019

I sit in a room full of people, full of love; but I still feel alone.
Trapped inside my own thoughts, trapped inside my own mind.
I ask for help, but everyone shrugs their shoulders and says,
" You'll be fine."

I think about how to escape myself, it feels like I'm a puppet on
a shelf waiting for emotions to come out and play. I know what I say,
everyone can hear. But, their actions show me they don't care.

I think about how I have every reason to be happy. My lover, my children,
and even my autistic brother. But why? Why do I feel trapped inside?

I sometimes cry for no reason. Surrounded by many people, but I stand
alone fighting away the demon. I ask for help, but nobody thinks it's really needed.

I think and I wonder, will I ever be set free? Will I ever be let outside or will I always and
forever be trapped inside?


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