How Could We

by darknessandshadows   Oct 27, 2019

How could we go from being happy and in love, to hurting
and making each other feel less than above?
How could we both spend time waiting for each other, but giving our time and love to another?
How could we start with a love so great , nobody could ever take; a love that nobody could ever break and let it turn into a battle field between us two?
How could we both live with ourselves knowing we are hurting one another? Knowing its not where either one of us wanted to be? I wanted to be with you and you wanted me.
How could we? How could we break each other down, to the point of feeling like all hope is gone?
How could we do each other so wrong?
I made a mistake and I know it hurt you, but you made a mistake too. The only difference is mine is real and yours you say isn't true.
I know in my heart, things wont be the way they were before; before we had to be forced apart, before we were tempted by our sins, before we both made the mistake and ended up hating ourselves in the end.
How could we do that to us? How could we? How could we give up the faith and hope that our hearts gave to one another, for ones that we didn't even want?
I know my mistakes I can not fix but now that we stand here together, face to face. We made our mistakes and hurt one another, but we still are here trying to make it work, trying to get back to the kind of love our hearts once gave to each other.
Even though we know what we have done, I still don't understand. How could we go from what we were to giving up on one another? I don't understand where we went wrong to get there in our life, but now we just want to make it right.
I don't understand how our love wasn't enough to keep us holding on instead of straying away. Please, tell me.
How could we?


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