My Children

by darknessandshadows   Jan 28, 2020

I once was made to believe I would never conceive. At a young age being told you would never get the joy of being a mother, it hits you some where you never knew existed. Depression grew, and many things went wrong. Then one day I met the one that gave me you all. I was given the happiness of holding my beautiful daughter. Although she was only an angel meant to bless me for a while and was sent to give it to two others who enjoy the moments of her smile. I was then blessed with the one who saved my life, my son. He's two. He gave me my reason to keep breathing after she had to leave. His smile gets me through the day. The tantrums I know will pass. My children you are all amazing. Another all though isn't mine by blood or birth they are still mine. One so far away I miss with all I am. I hope she tells him stories of our good times. The one I see daily, he drives me crazy. But I'll never give him up for another. I'm proud to call him my own. And then my miracle baby. Premature and supplemented by oxygen. He's now going on 4 months old healthy and overcame so much. I've stayed by his side. Day and night. But the struggle was 22 days away from my family most of the time. It was the hardest thing to do for my family so far since my angel was taken away. But, through it all my children, there's so many who stuck by me through it all. All of you, and the man I love. My children you have my heart and will forever be mine.


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