Empty Spaces

by darknessandshadows   Dec 2, 2016

Empty spaces, surround me. Empty spaces is all I see.
Empty spaces, that once was filled, leaves me with tears rolling down my face, causing my heart to bleed. I watch them fall with rain as it pours. I will never wish empty spaces, upon the life of another, for the pain is unbearable.

An empty space, that lies heavy on my heart, is my daughters presence. She, was ripped away from my arms, leaving me on my hands and knees begging for her return. I fight every day, to keep the bond between us strong. I wonder with tears of despair, "what did I do wrong?"

Another empty space, is the love of a mother, that can't be replaced by another. When I needed her the most, I hid my pain. I knew she had her own troubles, she didn't need to stand with me in the rain. But, she turned away when the truth came out, she turned away when I called her name out. She is another reason I sit, and wonder why. I wonder why I deserve to live every day in misery. Why does it have to be me that bleeds these tears everyday.

empty spaces, lives in my soul, and nothing can fill their place. Only what lied there once before, can fill the void in my life. With these empty spaces, and empty places, it makes it hatmrd to live every day with a smile upon my face. Since these empty spaces came, my life has never been the same.

There's one space that still remains, the love from his heart, that gave me a new beginning. He is the one that allowed a space to be filled, with our beautiful daughter. He blessed my life, and gave me a dream come true. Without him standing by me through the struggles, and the pain these empty spaces bring, I will only be a memory, never again to be seen.

Empty spaces, empty places. You have never felt the pain of life, until you have felt the emptiness of a space that once was filled.


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