Without You

by hayley williams   Mar 7, 2018

Without you - On ode to JS.

I have never loved anyone like this before, you are the only boy for me
It hurts so badly to hear you say that together we can no longer be.
I was so happy and content when I was with you, a little girl lost
To win you back I would give anything no matter what the cost.

There were signs that this was coming but I blocked it out, no wanting you to leave
Did you ever love me, or did you just stop? I do not know which one I ‘d rather believe
They say what does it prophet a man to gain the world but lose his soul
What reason do I have for staying alive when without you I will never again feel whole?

Everything is darker now, without you here all my problems seem bigger
My depression is back with a vengeance and losing you seems to be the trigger
Was I not worthy of the love you had to give or did someone else catch your eye
Does it not bother you inside to know that because of you I want to die?

It is literally killing me not to have you next to me tonight
How can a love now forever lost have once seemed so bright?
When we first met I never thought you would be the one to capture my heart
Let alone the boy who would blow my whole world apart.


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