by hayley williams   Mar 6, 2018


I am my parent’s worst nightmare – 21, worthless with no hope
They have finally cut me off completely saying they can no longer cope
My stepfather cannot stand me and makes no secret of the fact
It was his choice to abandon me and by my mother his decision was backed.

I looked my mother straight in the eyes desperately seeking for a sign
Her disgust she could no longer disguise, clearly her love was no longer mine
Once upon a time she had adored me with her whole heart, but that was long ago
Back before my depression had begun, now she is ashamed that I could sink so low

The most precious thing in the world is the love a mother feels for her child
But even more powerful is the hatred felt by a seed that went wild
My parents say this is all my fault, their love I myself was the reason it is destroyed
Memories and dreams are all that I have left of a family life that I once enjoyed.


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