Losing you, Losing Life

by hayley williams   Mar 7, 2018

Losing you – Losing life

I saw something there in your eyes
An emotion I had hoped was in my past
Pity was evident, you could not disguise
Your faith in me was fading fast.

Part of me wanted to stop and scream
Beg you to have some patience with me
I am wrecked so it seems like a bad dream
As you walk away and leave me be.

It is not that I do not love or want you
But I know sooner or later you will run
And heartbreak I will again be put through
And I fear that will mean my depression has won

As my sadness keeps me standing still
Providing the necessary excuse not to live
Breaking my spirit and destroying my will
Until eventually I have nothing left to give

Lately you have been pushing me away
And it feels like soon the separation will be forever
So even though my heart wants to ask you to stay
My head knows that we won’t work together.

I am aware that I have not acted right
But I am trying to make up for all those times
How can we dare to hope for a future so bright?
When you are still making me pay for past crimes


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