Magical Poision

by hayley williams   Mar 6, 2018

For my mistakes I have paid the ultimate cost
Somehow along the way myself I have lost
I eventually turned into a cold and empty shell
It was inevitable when I am trapped in living hell

People I used to call friends now avoid me
They miss the girl that I used to be
Behind my back they whisper that I am in denial
But who are they to put me on trial?

I am not proud of the person I have become
I hate myself for the things that I have done
Hanging around shady characters to do drugs
Addiction replaced my mother’s hugs.

In my family I have always been the black sheep
Listening in bed to their laughter I would weep
I searched for a way to block out the pain that I felt
Then came a man, a magic remedy was what he dealt,

He gave me this white powder, an instant cure
Soon I was handing over handfuls of money for more
Before long on amphetamines I became to depend
My life started racing ignorantly towards its end


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