Bed Rest

by flawed diamond   Mar 10, 2018

I want to go there
I want to be home
A place for peace
Where I am never alone

For so many people
This is a fear
Not for me
It's always near

It's a comfort to me
The stem of the rose
That's the beauty of the flower
For those that really kniows

Sometimes the fragile and the unsmart
The throw away and the ugly
That's where you find you
The place that says love me

I'm so tired
I want to lay down
It's so much better
If for awhile I am not around

The bed is calling me
And I am ready to surrender to it
Once i'm there
Everything else i can forget

I'm on that journey there
Walking towards the rest
When i'm in that oblivion of sleep
Then i'll be among the best.


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