Like Wine

by flawed diamond   Mar 18, 2018

We can cry, ask why
Want to curl up and die

We can say no way
Can't go through this another day

We can feel, think its real
Our happiness someone else can steal

And we can swear, even fear
This lowness is not going anywhere

But it's not true, what we go through
Just makes a better you

Because life it's like wine
Just gets better with time

The years gives us stronger ears
To release things we should not keep near

The longer days just paves the way
To find more reasons to enjoy earth's stay

People can take and we may break
But another day we all can face

We shouldn't be scared or live in fear
As long as we live good times are out there

The more we live, the closer we get
To that moment of bliss

So i'd like to think like the wine we drink
Things get better as we age

Cause what's in our path, it won't last
Life is just a maze


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