by flawed diamond   Mar 18, 2018

Fear can put a change in you
That's what you do to me
Because I know eventually one day
On you my face will be

You are that constant reminder
That one day my life will be gone
And when that happens
The world will still go on

You are that motivation
To take risk despite the fears
Because your name always tells me
One day you will no longer be here

Seeing one of you
Causes sometime sleepless nights
Just the sight of you
makes me want to set everything right

You make me appreciate life
No matter how rough it gets
Because through it all
You show me it's a gift

Your name sometimes can be scary
But it also makes me care
It's always important to always know
One day we will no longer be here

You're a blessing and a curse
Like life, just biittersweet
Have to live life to the absolute fullest
So there's no fear when we meet


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