Obituary Real

by flawed diamond   Sep 6, 2018

When all is said and done
When I have nothing left
Let the truth be told
Even in my death

If I have gone through consequences
And gained some redemption
Don't cover the fact
Let the truth be mention

Who I was as a person
Good or bad
Don't throw dirt on top of it
So people won't be sad or mad

People try to turn others into saints
In death so many times I see
I want to shown in the real
Print the truth about me

I have lived long enough to know
Words and actions speak for me
Let it all shine
Let the world see

Every life is a story
Inspiring or cautionary
We are all one or the other
That's the reality

We all go through things
That forces us to learn
Shine a light on that
So someone can learn

Because at the end of sunset
Every life is a blessing
Let the truth be told
Let your life be a lesson


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  • I love this and I totally agree that people do make out that everyone is a saint in death I say be loud and proud everyone has imperfections.. you are who you are

    Well written indeed

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