The Drought in Your Words

by Brise   Apr 16, 2018

Our love was conceived by forbidden and lustful sighs
So your heart came to me with tattered ties
You were drenched in her, drowning in love throughout
Yet you chose me, a storm you brought about

So I fabricated lies to think I held your heart
Though my deception clear, I knew I only held a part
Still you helped me build, towering dangerously
Loving me for a year until we fell all too suddenly

You dragged yourself back to her, begging on your knees
Asking her to take you back and even pleaded please
And I stood there watching you, clouding before the storm
Once she said no you ran back to me with no other to conform

And just like rain,you soften the soil of my love
Yet insecurities and doubts were all that really grew above
And soon much of what we had sprouted a plague
Which we endured only to live a love so vague

So you see there is this unspoken bit of us
An absent memory, left abandoned for us never to discuss
Because in the end I was only a second choice
Causing a drought in your words from which I could never rejoice


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Ya----Na

    This poem just gave me that second hand used item feelings. I've been there too, I can easily relate to these emotions. It hurts to see how such people play with our hearts and then pretend not to give a Damm about it. One more thing brise, there is no such need to say u have to learn anything from me. Everyone has their unique style. And you are quite good at what u are expressing through your poems. Just keep on doing that and as far as learning is concerned, Hellon has already opened up a wonderful thread to help each other. Make yourself comfortable!

    • 5 years ago

      by Brise

      Love reading your comments Sinners! And you're right but in a way we all learn from each other :) but thank you for the advice and your critique, they're always welcomed.