True Love

by William Mae   May 8, 2018

From just below the towns horizon,
Sleeps the greatest, love yet known,
Beneath the sod, where people trod,
Rest’s true loves catacomb.

A monument, to love gone wrong,
Stands strait at true loves head,
So all will know, the tombstone shows,
Why this true love is dead.

The saddest song, here lies alone,
Inside a marbled tomb,
Encased inside its chamber,
Housing memories in its room.

The ladies name was Bonnie Mae,
Who suffered this great pain,
She lost her child, who never lived,
To even get his name.

This lady mourned, her child still born,
Never to breathe a breath,
The lady to, would follow soon,
Her child unto his death.

It was to be, the number three,
To die upon this day,
The father cried, and so he died,
Beside his Bonnie Mae.

The tombstone reads, for all to see,
The inscription tells their plight,
The child still born, the mother mourned,
And the father took his life.

True love birthed, upon this earth,
That could not live to be,
And so they died, while many cried,
Who was left to bury three.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A superb tragedy with excellent rhyming. I just love your style of writing. This is something that I could read over and over again. Very well written. Milly x

  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    A tragedy...a long awaited mother's wish shattered and
    along with her world she dies...and the man who loved her dear
    goes along with a broken heart...all at once...this is true love.

    You have a way of telling stories and that too beautifully with
    rhymes and well chosen words...

    Its good to see you write again...keep penning my friend :)