Spider Girl

by XxxXLoveless_WristsXxxX   May 9, 2018

Our love was forbidden
But there was nothing
That could stop
The feelings we had

I never thought
I would miss you
Our late night chats
How you made me feel

I feel so alone
I want what we had
Things back to how
They were before

I don't know how
You feel about me
All I know is
You still drive me crazy

You will always be
A piece of me
I wish I didn't need
I feel so empty without

I will always love you
I cannot find the words
To tell you this
I just want you back

I promise you
Things will be different
This time around
I want another chance

I need you
More than you
Will ever know
So much more
Than I should

I want to be
Your sunshine
Your reason to smile
Just like before

My heart aches
My world is dark
I find it hard
To sleep

I was yours
I will always be
Your spider girl
Waiting for you...

*I just wrote as the thoughts came. Not one of my best. But I hope he sees this*


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  • 2 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Love is a crazy thing for sure.
    Best of luck.

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