I miss you

by XxxXLoveless_WristsXxxX   May 9, 2018

I wish I could
Turn back time
Rewind and pause
My true happiness

I never had a chance
To touch you
To feel your lips
Pressed against mine

I fell head over heels
Before we even met
You were my world
Your love my drug

What I wouldn't give
To lie in your arms
Safe and secure
Nothing else would matter

What we had
Was so special
You made me feel something 
That I never had before

The late night
Long conversations
I poured out
My heart and soul

How could something
A common interest
Turn into something
So deep and true

I dreamt about you
Sometimes I still do
You were never far
From my thoughts

We both knew
Our love was forbidden
Something frowned upon
A passionate online affair

It was all my fault
That it ended
I hate myself for it
And always will

I miss you so much
My heart aches
I can't sleep at night
I cry when alone

I wish that I could
Find the right words
To tell you how I feel
To fix this all

As much as it pains me
To say this
I understand if you won't
Give us a second chance

I love you so much
Please understand
That I always have
And always will

I wish I could
Turn back time
I would give anything
To be your sunshine again


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  • 2 years ago

    by Michael

    Its never easy knowing after what we would have done differently at the time, but this could be a great learning experience to take forward - even if not with that same person

    Wish you well
    Michael :)x

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