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Hey everyone.

I have been MIA for quite a few years (almost 12 years since my last log in) I was 15 when I started submitting poems on this site.

A LOT has happened in those 12 years.

I am now a 26 year old mother of two beautiful little boys. I was diagnosed Bipolar II Comorbid Borderline Personality Disorder, Class B Personality Traits, Generalised Anxiety Disorder & PTSD in mid 2016. It was finally an explaination for everything during my teen years. I has been misdiagnosed for all that time and the medications prescribes weren't helping, they were causing more grief. I am now a lot more a stable than before. I am taking it one day at a time.

As you can see, my poetry in the early days was extremely dark. I still have those dark days. I have many more bright now. Most of my Poetry is still about depression, suicide and self harm, poor body image (Eating Disorder) and self hatred, but also about Bipolar, Domestic Violence and drug use...a dark path I went down but was able to pull myself out of and have come out on top. I have never been one to write whilst happy for some reason. When feeling depressed, it is sometimes impossible to describe your feelings. Poetry helps me do just that.

I will be regularly submitting now. I have quite a lot to upload from that 12 year time period. Even in my darkest days, the days I was high, days when I was withdrawing, the days of physical and emotional abuse, I never stopped writing. It was therapeutic and was something that I was happy to be leaving behind had something happened.

These are all an insight into my life - my heart and soul on a page.

I would love to follow people who write similar. That are able to relate to me, and I to them.

I hope that my poems reach out to those feeling the same and that they let them know they are not alone, as it can feel that way at times, a feeling all too familiar xxx

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    It's My Choices

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  • Cut to bleed
    Bleed to feel
    To feel the pain
    That's sadly real
    Today I'm here
    Tomorrow I'm gone
    But that's okay
    I don't belong

    13 years ago
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  • I own YOUR heat...But HE owns MINE

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