The Two Poles

by XxxXLoveless_WristsXxxX   Apr 25, 2018

I am a beautiful disaster
I am a perfect mess
I flirt with suicide
I dance with the devil

I am on a rollercoaster
I am so sad
I am so happy
I have no normal

I am over reactive
I couldn't care less
I am emotional
I am impulsive

I am a failure
I am Gods gift
I am so beautiful
I am extremely hideous

I am tired
I am wide awake
I don't want to feel
I like feeling this way

I am laughing
I am crying
I love everything
I feel completely numb

I love you
I dislike you
I want hugs
I want space

I am friendly
I am rude
I hate people
I love everyone

I fly high
I crash hard
I am great
I am an idiot

I am confused
I know what I want
I want to sleep
I don't need sleep

I am like the weather
I am hot
I am cold
I change daily

I am a rubix cube
Confusing and frustrating
Don't try to figure me out
I never will myself

I have Bipolar
I am not my illness
My illness is not me
It won't define me
I won't let it....


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Ben

    This is a fantastic write, very poignant and totally something that those people with two poles will be able to identify with the title and also the last stanza it's almost like a mantra full of realism but more importantly hope, that is something that can turn the tide :)

    Epic write

    Ben :)

  • 2 years ago

    by CJ Maleney

    I found this to be something of a roller coaster and also a mirror of a read

    So many questions and so many possible answers too.

    I kinda think I'm some ways what you are describing is me, but then I think no

    Sometimes I'm an enigma to myself. Yet this poem caused me to think and I thank you for that



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