by CRAFTY KEN   Jun 7, 2018


I can still remember that damp, chilly Virginia morning, tears flowed from Mom and Dad’s eyes, bright flashes and rumblings filled the skies. I thought our fight with the British was over when we spit in Cornwallis’s eyes at Yorktown, but, here, once again, it has began. My older brother fought there, now I’m old enough to wear his gear, and thanks to Betsy we have our Flagg to bring to New Orleans, once again to get the goat of the Redcoat. Our General George, destined by fate to conquer at Valley Forge!

We got some great support from our French friends and their Navy, and Jean Lafitte, who’s followers make great things to eat, like, delicious biscuits and gravy. Good old Andy Jackson, the tough hard General, got Jean on board with a nice Pardon.

It was not easy fighting in the lowlands of the Orleans, powder got wet, canons firing on the ridge turned bright red, upon reloading, blew off heads, quite a scene, incoming Brit fire left many dead. I thought to myself; what am I doing here, I’m only sixteen? I remember my Dad and brother fought the Redcoats who marched in lockstep, our Colonial Army mowed them down like cord wood, shooting from the trees, they felled them like toy soldiers, one by one, shoulder to shoulder.

Back to the battle, Andy ordered the forward charge, looking magnificent in the saddle, the Brit’s rear he would paddle. one soldier picked up our colors and charged the Brits, it was surreal, the cotton fell out of my ears and the blasts of our muskets was like thunder, I could not hear well for years.

The Red coats fled, many shot through the head, their squealing was unreal, as they took to heel, it’s all over now. At night I pen my letter to Mom and Dad, telling them that their Colonial Boy is coming home, just want to hunt, no more War, maybe Dad and I can open up a Grocery Store? How about our cute neighbor’s daughter, Lenore, I would like to see her more?

*Btw, our Niece Married a son of Jean Lafitte of New Orleans who is a direct descendant of Jean Lafitte the Pirate. Lil and I attended the wedding in the Hotel California, Los Angeles, CA

Author Ken
June 7, 2018


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    What a fascinating poem, Ken, but me being British, I cannot possible 'like' it! Just kidding.

    All the best as ever,


    • 2 years ago

      by CRAFTY KEN

      The Colonies now love our Brit Cousins! My Grandfather was half English, our Daughter in law was born in England. So glad that the USA fought with England to beat both the Germans and Japanese. Scott and Erin loved their visit to London. I was inspired by the movie "The Patriot". It was strange that the Colonies needed a British General to lead them. My two first Cousins lived in Ontario, Canada. Thanks for your comment, my UK friend!