And Yet

by Someone Invisible   Jun 23, 2018

The truth? The real reason I have to walk away from you?

Because if you looked at me the way you do when I open my door, smiling, told me you loved me and asked me to stay, I would. I’d cry a thousand tears; I’d drown myself in the burning, salty streaks and let my throat close up every night, but I’d stay if you’d just always keep looking at me like that.

But you no longer darken my doorstep and brighten my day so much. Maybe someone put more miles between my house and yours without telling us and you lost your way. Maybe the distance between our houses hasn’t change, but slowly the distance between us has.

Why didn’t anyone tell me? No one told me. This isn’t how I was told it would be, my love. You were supposed to stay around, you were supposed to keep me warm and safe in your arms. You told me. You did.

What happened to us, baby? How did our love become so muted and fade? There shouldn't have been enough water in this landlocked state to wash our affections away from each other, and yet…


And yet.


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