Soon: Part I "The Darkness"

by Captain Lonesome   Dec 16, 2018

Wishes for it to be night for a thousand days,
Wishes to destroy so many people in so many ways.

Captive snaring, flesh tearing, devastation worldwide,
Smells of searing, annihilation nearing, no place to hide.

Headless bodies, too many to count, martyrdom means little anymore,
Skys breaking, earths quaking, angels openly will soon soar.

Sickness spreads like cancer, all look for an answer, facing such despair,
Abominations across the nations, darkness, hatred, and evil so detrimentaly prevalent in the air.

Apocalypse, armageddon, end of days on everyones tongue,
Countless bodies, unbiasedly selected, desecrated and hung.

Caustic conspirings, twisted and wicked agendas refined,
Terror and chaos rushing ramped, holocaust of mankind.

The release of beasts, creatures, and monsters of lore,
As it was said, "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war".


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