Soon: Part II "The Light"

by Captain Lonesome   Dec 16, 2018

Watching prophecy unfold, truths told, no need to wonder who will save,
Liberties lived, freedoms and futures found, that's what the sacrifice gave.

Bandages broken, healings spoken, the ultimate plan of which to abide,
Evil's disappearing, comfort is nearing, there is no need to hide.

Thousands upon thousands made whole again, living in truth has not been in vain,
To thrive in what is new, eternal, amazing, and true accomplished by the One who was slain.

Sin's been scorched, fear has fallen, temptation has been trampled, all will be alright,
Deceit's been destroyed, grief's gored, sickness has been slain, darkness defeated by the light.

Joy and peace force sorrow and pain to cease, beautie's unfathomable at best,
Hate and madness overcome by love and gladness when darkness is put to rest.

Hosts of heaven trumpet and triumph as promised long ago,
Battles waged, the war won, into eternity the King and his followers go.

Finally and forever more, as it was always meant to be,
Taking part in exceedingly captivating, astonishing, gorgeous, and Devine, love, peace, joy, and glory.


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