by Hurtingsoul   Jan 11, 2019

They pass me by
God help me!
I don’t feel alive

Wanting, feeling,
Why do you go and leave me?

Take me baby
The grass is greener
On the other side

Empty carcass
This soul
No home
Love myself any less?

All I gotta do is breathe
In and out
Easy, easy
In and out
I can’t do this
Can't believe
Why’d you leave me?

I’m walking
I’m running
Can’t stand still
Can’t go home
Didn’t you love me?

Feeling anxious
Sweating profusely
Dripping, drowning
I’m Hanging on
But too loosely

Look at me
On the edge
On the precipice
I’m insane
I’m a mess
I don’t make sense
You picked me up
You drove me here
And off you went

These bloody memories
They ruminate
In my head
Dance around
In front of my eyes
Don’t let me rest
Don’t let me go to bed

I can't move on
I can't let go
What the hell is life like
Without you anymore

I hate myself
I hate you
I hate us
Hate it all
I want to give up
Just because

Don’t want to care
Don’t want to go to work
Don’t want to get up
Let myself cry
Let myself lose hope

Never going to love
Never again
Not the next guy
Next girl
Not anyone


Knowing I’ll do anything
To get you to
Come back
To me

And another ramble...


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by Walter

    This is amazing and had me captivated from start to finish. Your write is definitely something I can relate to.
    Great work and added to my favorites!

  • 10 months ago

    by Maple Tree

    Your ramble is much more than that...

    Its powerful and hits home to all that read (at one point in life Im sure)

    Just beautiful and captivating!!

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