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I thought my life was so full of angst and pain (as teenagers always do). Calling myself Hurtingsoul, thinking that "when I grow up my soul will hurt no more." I was wrong. All these years since, and I sit here laughing at my teenage-self.

Naive in knowing true pain, what suffering felt like, what struggling meant. To be on your own, to have friends leave, to have family die, to feel lonely, seeing others with gray hairs, having gray hairs of my own, to feel like the only one when the rest of the world is falling apart, to love, to hate, to care but be betrayed, to fear, to sacrifice, to hold it in, to stiffen your lips, to laugh for hours but cry for days.

Jokes on me though, because now I do. Now I really do.

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  • Dammit. When did loving you become so hard?

    1 year ago
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  • "You saved the life of a rich man, in return I shall give you millions"

    "In return you should live for those I couldn't save. Live by honoring them"

    7 years ago
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  • They say sugar was born out of salt,
    Just like bitterness was born out of love.

    7 years ago
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