The Tale

by Paul Hirst   Apr 2, 2019

From the deep dark earth I plucked the worm red and wriggling I watched him squirm
Onto the hook attached to line I flicked the pole into the brine he sank below the foamy sea his shiny coils lost to me
The moon's reflection a big silver plate as out of the sea burst the fish that ate that wiggly worm
and as the hook pierced his lip I jerked the pole tight in my grip
Landing on pebbles with a splash a deep green body with a scarlet sash gasping for water no longer there as he lay in the midnight air
A quick knock with a salty rock stopped his gasping as a broken clock I yawned and smiled and thought of supper and succulent trout sizzling in butter
Soon home I took my knife and slit his skin on my kitchen side and peeling back that delicious skin I gasped aloud at what lay therein
A tiny skeleton of a man in black pea coat and boots of tan and in shock I stumbled to a corner as I realised I had found Jonah
The earth the worm the sea the fish served me up a unexpected dish and now sitting here drinking ale I tell the story of my fishy tale .


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