Another Year

by Vynn   Jun 10, 2019

Another year for me have passed
But sinful year gave me a blast
An event that change my life,
My career, family especially my wife

A forbidden sin slips on my guard
I hook on it like a fish on my mouth
She let me drink the blood on her lips
Like an oasis that replenish my thirst

I feel so sad for my wife is so affected
Questioning herself will she be ejected?
I have no regret that this thing happened
As it gives me a break from so much problem

I hope this year, things would be better
For me and my wife to live together
And for her that helps me to be revived
I will always love you for the rest of my life


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  • 11 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Nicely written. Sometimes, life offers us a change, but love is for ever.

  • 11 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I have seen too many self indulgent men who have had affairs whilst still married and in doing so have treated their partners abominably in their need for extra marital gratification. An affair disrespects the partner and often the person with whom the affair is being conducted as more often
    or not both parties are being lied to.

    There is no excuse for betrayal - If you really don't love someone anymore and you have given it your best shot then you need to make a clean break to enable you both to move forward. Having an affair whilst still married just means you are just want your cake and eat it or hedging your bets.

    In this piece betrayal is portrayed as an addiction as if that somehow makes it right but if you truly love someone then you wouldn't be looking around and if you were preyed upon by some young femme fatel then truly self vanity is at play here.

    The fact that there is no regret makes it all the more distasteful and plays tribute to the vanity and conceit of this character when he states that he feels sad that his wife is worried about being ejected from the relationship and home.He gives no thought or apology for the fact that it is his betrayal that is the cause of her unhappiness. Nor does he consider the sexually transmitted diseases he could be giving her. (Many can be transferred even using a condom)

    Interestingly in almost all cases of adultery the guy is so embroiled in his own ego and vanity that it never once occurs to him that he could be the one ejected from the relationship so it is often a huge surprise when the wife eventually comes to her senses and kicks him out.

    An insightful piece that has provoked much thought. Milly x

    • 11 months ago

      by Vynn

      So much thoughts indeed, thanks :)

  • 11 months ago

    by Vanesa

    Wow. Nice poem. Adultery is addicting so I’ve herd

    • 11 months ago

      by Vynn

      thank you :)

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