The Heart Heals

by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo   Jun 20, 2019

The Heart Heals
by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo Jun 20, 2019
The Heart Heals
From the hearing of the five letter word 'sorry'
A phone call from our dear ones or friends asking for forgiveness.
In a moment hatred gives in to pride
Pride birth unforgiveness which deepens our wounds
A reflection of the years of pains.

In our heart of hearts
A knowledge is born
If God is to mark iniquity
Who can stand
In a second
In a moment
We accept the five letter word
Our heart heals itself.
Not physically, but spiritually
Not spirituality, but invisible.

An unspeakable Joy is birth
A shinning glow on our faces
An ecstasy of delight in itself
Oh what a joy!
Words can't express
The peace of mind
Empty of anger, envy, bitterness or hatred.
The heart heals
When sorry is accepted from the heart
The heart heals.

Sorry heals
Most of our invested selfless love betrayed
Though calm
Shows quiet strength in stressful situations that can be twisted
Into grief-stricken outbursts
Or depressed withdrawal over losses.
The heart heals.


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