My thoughts on this Fourth

by CRAFTY KEN   Jul 4, 2019

My thoughts on this Fourth

As the Sun rose upon the vast beachheads of Normandy, the incoming tide was a crimson red, corpses of the brave Allies floated slowly by, dead. Some were as young as sixteen, photos in their vests, of the Gals they left behind, one was the village hometown Queen.

This was not the first time that our brave men & women had put their lives on the line, our English cousins affectionally called them Yanks, and, the doughboys. When the American LST’S opened their doors at Omaha Beach, German machine guns, mowed down four thousand or more, some not even able to step on the land, they lay wounded or dead on the floor.

No greater love is this, that these men laid down their lives for England, Europe, our friends. I am deeply troubled how some of the Media portray us in such a bad light, if we are so bad, why do the masses want to come here?

Have we made big mistakes, yes indeed, trying to make other Countries in our own likeness, fighting endless war’s that end up as Stalemates? Thank God that clearer heads today prevail, one of our strong trading partners is Vietnam, you can now visit them, and, not end up in jail. Japan the same, what other country would defeat their enemy, and, then restore them to a greater Nation than before the war? Only the USA, General Douglas Mac Arthur, honored the Emperor, who the people viewed as a living God, when MacArthur rode among the masses, they waved thousands of small American Flags.

God, in the Old Testament, because of the Jew's disobedience, He declared that He would dwell with another Nation to stir up their jealously, can anyone deny that America is that Nation, the envy of not just Israel, but of the whole world?

I’m very proud to be an American, my family proudly served in the Pacific during WW2. We are the children of immigrants from many countries, through the tough rules of Ellis Island, thank God for our sweet land of Liberty, this day, of thee we sing.

Author Ken
July 4, 2019


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  • 10 months ago

    by Truth Bringer

    i thank your family for their service