Is it really true Love, or just great sex?

by CRAFTY KEN   Jul 9, 2019

Is it really Love, or just great sex?

Oh, come on now, let’s be honest, please don’t have a cow!
Was there once a hot lover, where are they now?

I will endeavor to try to put your mind at ease, I, myself have experienced these things, if you please. I only wish I knew then, what I know now, God is not anti sex, he invented it, gave both men, and, women the needed tools, along with some special Rules.

I remember the readings of the Apostle Paul’s focus on sex, in one, he said that it was not good to touch a woman, and, because of the promiscuous behavior of the Christians at the early Church at Corinth. They were continually indulged in much sex, drunken parties, even at Communion, making it a Circus.

It was at a home Bible Study that I sat next to this incredibly beautiful woman, suddenly, my whole body felt like it was on fire. Paul wrote about the Widows, and unmarried women of the Church family, that they should marry rather than burn, thus avoiding the Devil’s snare, for sex to yearn.

There is great pleasure in illicit sex, but, for a season, beware to enter the “Sexgate” it carries a sure curse, but, if you obey the Divine, all will be fine!

As I have previously written in humor, *Love is something more than just between the knees, God himself is the perfect expression of it, making the marriage bed a Holy Place, specially blessed by him.

Together in your humble abode, you can have all the sex you desire, by the boatload!

*According to the Bible, there exists three kinds of love; erotic, friendly, and, Agape’, which only God has (He himself being pure Love). Those believing in him pocess this Love through the Holy Spirit’s Power, who dwells in their hearts (Spirit & Soul) through Faith.

Author Ken
July 9, 2019


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  • 3 months ago

    by Truth Bringer

    the young will learn one day that sex is not love