In the Fog

by Jack Nightengale   Jul 15, 2019

It was the morning after,
The same time it all faded, including the laughter.
She walked to the edge of the street,
One bag packed and her yellow straw hat, that happened to bounce with every step she took,
Never missing a beat.

I chased, I called out hoping she would hear,
When she turned to look at me, I finally knew fear.
"Why do you want to leave me? Why are you walking out?"
The more questions I asked, the heavier the silence grew.
A single tear rolled down her cheek, and her hat flew off as the wind blew.

The look in her eyes told me all,
I was blinded and couldn't see, the look in her eyes should me my downfall.
I had abandoned her, I had left her alone,
I knew that if she left, then she would truly be gone.

The bus rolled up and I tried to reach out,
No matter how hard I shouted, words never left my mouth.
I wanted to apologize for all the things that I had done.
I wanted to tell her how I knew that life with me was never truly fun.

When she boarded the bus, all I could do was stare,
I watched as she rode off with only the flowing image of her long black hair.
My heart sank deep into my stomach like a log,
Even when the tail lights of that bus, faded in the fog.

I never meant to put her through a nightmare,
I wanted to treat her fair...
I never wanted her to endure such abuse,
I never thought... I would lose my poetic muse.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    Oh my!!!! This is so realistic and wonderfully penned! Like a scene out of a movie and just to realize She- your muse left...excellent read!!

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