Your Purest Glow

by Mark   Jul 31, 2019

Turn off the sun and moon, to view your form
As purest as the light that then just dimmed
To grant your blinded eyes the orb's reform
And witness that within, your gaze had skimmed.
To see: is knowing you, and all your love
Have worth to give, and worth that love returned
And needs no light to gift you from above,
To bask in those; the fairest have been burned.
If truth does shine, and lover's touch is missed
Let know: that I am fond of that you've found
As to my own have yours with light so-kissed
For deep in darkness, I to you were bound.

Relight them when your mind, minds - not their show
And find me there in wait, with inner glow.


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  • 6 months ago

    by Walter

    As always, beautifully written and glad to see it already nominated.

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