by Ya----Na   Aug 14, 2019

After a bite of confectious marriage,
love left a bitter flavor on the edge of your lips.

Reading as though not my piece
yet from the queue of questions on your smile,
I ask you
when did a man love a woman?

Stop seeking pride in hiding
the raging strokes of his reckless expressions
on the palette of your skin
— keeping secrets in the bunker of heart
will ignite a war with soul.

Once dignity fits in the lock of depression,
freedom will not remain an illusion.

Before the untitled words
start dripping from your eyes,
take a flight.

Go far,
away from his monstrous shadow,
a new day is waiting for you.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Excellent work, and not an 'and' in sight. I have to say, I've tried so hard leaving that conjunction out of my work but I can never seem to do without it.
    Anyway, great to read a new piece from you.

    All the best

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