Our Human Ways

by Mark   Oct 14, 2019

When I foresee the doom pollution brings:
I rush to fresher air, but sighing more;
For out of younger lungs have we their wings?
Deprived what youth knew-not had breathed before.
At times I fall like many fallen trees
To lay there wonder: what am I to you?
While whispers send their answers by the breeze:
Without there me, have life no air that knew.
Yet hope do linger deep in future's eyes
Pray, hope will show before their eyes have closed:
Regrets are afterthoughts of somber guise;
For bustling earth turns loneliness reposed:

Immense in scale that all may drift ablaze
Then we'd have left our wake, our human ways.


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  • 8 months ago

    by Michael

    A wonderful piece of writing Mark, and good to see this nominated. You have developed a talent for this form of poetry. M :)

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