by Michael   Nov 13, 2019

The sound of church bells
cheered from the belfry
with a ceremonial tune

your face lit-up
as tiny shards of soft
coloured paper petals fell
from the air
thrown from the hands of well-wishers

the sun lent generous helpings
of warmth, upon your special day


but sadly over time,
secrets untied the knot;
that pulled you apart

the taste of marriage
became bitter;
biting, deeply into you;
like a cold snap of winter

every word you said
quivered frantically
from your lips

the heart in my ears broke,
from the sound of your
shattered voice-

-a voice

that once spoke in aspirations
written from the inkwell
of your dreams

then, the muscle tired in your tongue-
for everything that could be said,
had been said for now

this sorrowful story
behind your eyes
brought tears in front of mine

leaving me speechless


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  • 7 months ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Had to add this to my favorite. Fantastic write. Nominated. Hugs to you and all the best.

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