On Old Swings

by Mark   Nov 18, 2019

When I return by thought to youthful days;
I sprightly swing upon those swings again,
And wonder how the setting sun replays-
The glory's change of light to nightly gain.
Recalling total night arrived with fear:
That somehow in that darkness I'd be lost;
Alike that Sun I too would disappear-
Onto a lonesome plain, some threshold crossed,
Then I would cease the swings and too had left:
My wondrous gaze that wondered 'bout the far;
Denying light to night's own daily theft,
From then, reciting hence this twofold scar:

So blows the living lights by nightly
The first my time had dawned, that time recinds.


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  • 6 months ago

    by hiraeth

    a beautiful yet harrowing write.

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